Church Strong Consultants offers a six-hour seminar and 64-page manual, “Thinking Through Church Security.” The seminar consists of the following topics:

Evaluating church facilities, buildings, and grounds for safety and security. Students are instructed in property evaluation and given the opportunity to examine their own facilities with guidance from instructors. 
Evaluating situations, strangers, and red flag circumstances. Students are instructed in how to spot potential problem people and circumstances as people enter buildings
Covering how to respond to active shooter situations and potential violence; responding to medical and weather-related emergencies.
Teaching how to assemble a crisis response team in the local church and church ministry situations; covering team duties and responsibilities.


Seminar cost is $50.00 per student, plus travel and motel expenses for both consultants (where applicable). The $50.00 also includes the manual.


Church Strong Consultants prefers to conduct seminars on Saturdays when possible, and through the week when necessary so as to avoid conflict with Sunday services. Seminars normally begin at 9:00 a.m. and end by 4:00 p.m. Times are negotiable as circumstances require, but seven hours should be anticipated so as to allow for meal time.


Church Strong Consultants LLC is not a law enforcement agency. We serve only in an advisory capacity. All decisions and actions undertaken by a church as a result of our instructional seminar are the decisions and actions of the churches and individuals therein alone. Church Strong Consultants LLC assumes no liability for any church action, decision, or policy; nor for the safety and security of any church property, individual, or congregation therein.